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The Origin

I’ve been absent from the blog-o-sphere due to schooling and such. So I apologize to those who wish I were more active. In any case, here’s a great video my friend made that discusses the origin of the universe and why one ought to think that the universe was created not unintended. Check it out! […]

Does God Exist? Some Reasons To Think So.

The following is a hand-out that I prepared for a presentation I gave to the Youth Group at my local church. This doesn’t represent the presentation itself (I only presented the first one), but was designed to be something for them to take home and dwell on, and perhaps research themselves. So, this isn’t meant […]

The Programming Of Life

A short video (45 minutes) discussing and examining the information found in biological systems has been released. It’s a great video for (I think) anyone, no matter their knowledge on the subject. See it here! (Originally found here)