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List Of 18 Arguments For God’s Existence And Christian Claims

As per the last post, the following list is a compilation of various types of arguments either directly for God’s existence or that implicitly support theism, and arguments for the truth of historic Christianity (not solely Philosophical ones though): Cosmological Argument: Argues from the world back to God as the ultimate cause of the world. […]

Does God Exist? Some Reasons To Think So.

The following is a hand-out that I prepared for a presentation I gave to the Youth Group at my local church. This doesn’t represent the presentation itself (I only presented the first one), but was designed to be something for them to take home and dwell on, and perhaps research themselves. So, this isn’t meant […]

Imported Pineapples Point To An Ultimate Standard Or Referent For Human Worth

A few years ago I took a trip to Thailand and taught high school students English (whether I should teach English or not is another issue). Those who know me will recollect that this is where I first met who I would now classify as my wife. But something else that had a significant impact […]