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Christianity And Economics Part 2: What Is Money?

This is part two of a series that seeks to integrate the Christian world-view and Economics. Money is an integral part of Western society and – really – you can’t live without it. I don’t think I need to iterate, except for this one time, that money is immensely important. Especially for Christians: Jesus talked […]

Christianity And Economics (Part 1): Why? What Is Economics Anyways?

Economics? Isn’t that something that only businessmen and investors should be concerned about? My answer is no. A while ago I wrote a series that discussed the importance of, the integration of, and the practical tools that philosophy can offer Christians in particular. One of the things I feel Christians today have lost (and need […]

List Of 18 Arguments For God’s Existence And Christian Claims

As per the last post, the following list is a compilation of various types of arguments either directly for God’s existence or that implicitly support theism, and arguments for the truth of historic Christianity (not solely Philosophical ones though): Cosmological Argument: Argues from the world back to God as the ultimate cause of the world. […]

50 Important Philosophical Questions

I’d like to offer a very simple post here (something I can’t seem to do very often). The following list is philosophical issues that I think are very important for Christians in particular, although many of these issues should be important for anyone. These are issues that either directly affect our understanding of a core […]

Is Christianity Man Made?

When historians look at different documents that claim to be historical records, one of their tasks is deciding whether or not a particular text, or a section of that text, is historically authentic. That is, the document is recording actual events, not man made insertions to the text or perhaps even a whole legend, myth […]