This blog is designed to be an outlet for my own personal thoughts about whatever comes to mind!  I suspect I will be discussing issues related to “the big questions”. I am interested in philosophy and theological issues, so that should be the general direction of my own thoughts. I think it’s important to think, discuss, and come to honest conclusions about big questions such as “What am I?”; “Where did I ultimately come from?”; “What’s the meaning and purpose of life?”, “What about ethics?”, “How do I search for truth in the first place?”, etc.

As per detail about my background, I am married and have two daughters and a son. I try to read and write about what I consider important topics. As a Christian, I think some issues can be more pertinent than others, so I try to discuss these topics respectfully but surely.

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel welcome to take the time and join in the discussion!



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thnks for your posts. I am doing a paper on Cominationalism and I can across this websilte from Google. Very informative. I will footnote accordingly. Shalom–Rick

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Combinationalism–can’t spell

  3. Glad that the material could be / can be of use! If you are really wanting to examine combinationalism in a little more detail, then I’d highly suggest getting Norman Giesler’s book “Christian Apologetics.” The title may seem to suggest that this book isn’t very relevant, but actually it is.

    About half the book concerns what view of epistemology we should adopt – that is, what theory of knowledge should we even use to gain knowledge about anything in the first place? He critiques a wide variety, such as pragmatism, empiricism, fideism, etc. Not only does he offer the negative points, but also the positive points of each theory. Very useful. And of course, he then argues for why combinationalism is the best theory to use when adjudicating or comparing different worldviews.

    Thanks for visiting!

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