List Of 18 Arguments For God’s Existence And Christian Claims

As per the last post, the following list is a compilation of various types of arguments either directly for God’s existence or that implicitly support theism, and arguments for the truth of historic Christianity (not solely Philosophical ones though):

  1. Cosmological Argument: Argues from the world back to God as the ultimate cause of the world.

  2. Argument From Contingency: Argues that all contingent things (things like trees, people, galaxies, etc.) must come from something that is necessary (something that exists necessarily by it’s own nature – God).

  3. Argument From First Cause: Argues that there must be a first cause in the chain of causal events (i.e. There cannot be an infinite series of events and nothing cannot cause something; thus, there must be an uncaused first cause: God).

  4. Teleological Argument: Argues that certain characteristics and features of the world are best explained by a very intelligent mind behind the cosmos (fine-tuning of the laws of nature, information in Dna, molecular machines in every living cell, irreducibly complex systems in nature, etc.)

  5. Moral Argument: Argues that an objective moral law exists. However, an objective moral law can only exist if God exists. Thus, God must exist.

  6. Argument From Reason: Our rational faculties point to a rational mind that created them.

  7. Argument From Consciousness: Our consciousness points to a conscious mind from which it came.

  8. Ontological Argument: Argues that because something exists, God must exist.

  9. Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism: If our minds around from an evolutionary process then we wouldn’t have reason to trust our rational faculties. On Theism, we do.

  10. Argument From Properties Of Mental Events: The properties of mental events (i.e. thoughts) cannot be explained on Naturalism, yet can on Theism.

  11. Argument From Laws of Logic: The existence of the Law Of Logic can be adequately explained as being grounded by or sourced from God, and they cannot be explained apart from God as their explanation.

  12. Argument From Significance: Argues that our lives have can only have objective significance if God exists. Our lives are in fact significant (however we know that), thus, God exists.

  13. Biblical Prophecy: The Bible has made many specific predictions of the future which have been accurate and correct (See Isaiah 53 for a clear example). This would be an evidence that the Bible is divinely inspired.

  14. Coherence Of The Biblical Story: Although the books of the Bible were written by about 40 different authors writing over a span of 1500 or more years, the story of the Bible is coherent and fluid (try taking 66 books written by around 40 people over 1500 years and get one coherent story . . .).

  15. Historical Confirmation Of Biblical Claims: Archeology and Historical Sciences have confirmed many many things that the Bible has claimed actually happened.

  16. Historical Case For The Resurrection Of Jesus Of Nazareth: A historical analysis of the relevant data surrounding the death, burial, and appearances of Jesus, along with other facts, heavily support the idea that the facts can be best explained by the resurrection of Jesus by God.

  17. Philosophical Coherence Of Christianity: When the Biblical claims are made into a world-view, this system can provide explanations for more facts and experiences of life than others and can explain them more adequately than others.

  18. Scientific Accuracy Of Certain Biblical Claims: Certain scientific claims the Bible makes are made hundreds and thousands of years before any person discovered them (expansion of the universe, water cycle, earth is a sphere, earth is suspended in empty space, etc.)


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