Does God Exist? Some Reasons To Think So.

The following is a hand-out that I prepared for a presentation I gave to the Youth Group at my local church. This doesn’t represent the presentation itself (I only presented the first one), but was designed to be something for them to take home and dwell on, and perhaps research themselves. So, this isn’t meant to be a exhaustive presentation of reasons for thinking that God exists, and the arguments themselves are in a very basic (hopefully) easy-to-understand form such that it simply sparks interest. Let me know what you think of them!

Thinking About God And The Bible Part 1

#1: Does God Exist?

(a) The Origin Of The Universe: Science has found that the universe had a beginning (remember the balloon example?). The cause of the universe would have to be outside space, not in time (timeless/eternal) and not made of matter (not physical).

All three of those properties match some of the essential properties of God!

(b) Machines In The Cell: In the time of Charles Darwin (the founder of evolution) it was thought that the cell was just like a piece of Jello. Scientists have now found that every living cell is more like a sophisticated factory with – literally – mini machines that build and maintain your cells and body! Technology used in jet turbines, wireless communication, eye scanners, outboard engines, and more, have been found in living cells! So way before we invented these technologies they have already existed in our cells. This strongly suggests that an immensely intelligent being created life – God.

(c) Information In Every Cell: Did you know that Dna is literally the blueprint and instruction manual for your body? Dna contains instructions that tell the machines in the cell how to build something, when to build it, what materials to use and when to stop building. The problem is, we know that books, blue prints, instruction manuals, and all other information sources come from intelligence – not natural processes like wind and erosion! Information requires an informer – God.

(d) Beauty In Nature: Have you ever gazed at a sunset and thought it was beautiful? Atheists say that if God doesn’t exist then only the physical world would exist – but beauty is not a physical thing! Do you think it makes more sense to say that the beauty in the world reflects the beauty of the creator, as opposed to saying that beauty somehow arrived from a random collision of matter?

(e) Morality: Do you think some things are really wrong no matter what anyone thinks? Are rape and murder of innocents always wrong? Of course, we all intuitively know these moral truths. But when you have impure thoughts about another person – doesn’t something inside you say, “Don’t do that!” Have you ever experienced that? How can it be that in your conscience you are “told” what not to do – commanded not to do something – unless there is a moral commander who gave that command?

(f) Consciousness: How is it that you can think? How is it that you can see outside of yourself – but also inside yourself? When you “talk in your head”, how can that be? If you don’t have a soul, then all of your thinking comes from your brain. But your brain is just a biological computer – computers can’t think. But you can think. Thus, there must be something else in you that thinks – a soul. Have you ever day-dreamed? Doesn’t it feel like you’re detached from your body and thus all your five senses for a few seconds (or minutes in some cases!)?



  1. I can’t help but to admire God’s work. There is intelligent design everywhere. I wonder if Atheists deny the possibility of God because of personification. God is probably not some awesome dude who lives in a city made of gold, however, it is not anymore intuitive to believe that this is the random result of nothingness. Cool post!

    1. I think that may be one of the many reasons. Many times I’ve heard atheists define what they mean by “God”, and I think, “I don’t think that concept exists either!”

      I agree that it’s seems pretty intuitive that there is design in this world. Some will say that (like Dawkins) that what we see is “apparent design”, but the they turn and give us very weak reasons to support their claim.

      Thanks for reading my post and speaking your mind travisthetraveler!

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