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Evidence Of Sodom And Gomorrah’s Supernatural Destruction

My friend went to Israel about a year ago and found the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah. For those who do not know, in the book of Genesis (in the Bible) God destroys these cities by raining sulfur (brimstone) on them. As it turns outs, there is tons of evidence that matches the Bible’s description […]

Philosophy And Christianity (Part 2): Branches Of Philosophy

The Branches Of Philosophy And Their Importance From A Christian Perspective In the former and first part of this series, we saw that thinking well and cultivating one’s intellectual life is a virtue, according to the Bible and the historical tradition of Christianity. Now we’ll shift to the more practical and applicative issue and examine […]

The Programming Of Life

A short video (45 minutes) discussing and examining the information found in biological systems has been released. It’s a great video for (I think) anyone, no matter their knowledge on the subject. See it here! (Originally found here)

Jesus’ Crucifixion And Burial Site On Video

My good friend (we’ll leave him unnamed for his own protection) was in Israel a couple of years ago. He set out to take pictures and videos of as many biblical sites as he could. Among some of the sites he found (not discovered . . .) was the traditional site of Jesus’ tomb. Interestingly, […]