Monthly Archives: February 2012

Recorded A New Song

See here to listen to a song I just finished up. Enjoy! Advertisements

Philosophy And Christianity (Part 1)

Aren’t Christians supposed to be simple minded, superstitious and anti-intellectual? After-all, that is the picture of Christianity that the popular media portrays. However, a question needs to be asked: is the Christianity portrayed in the media really what Jesus taught? The objection to religious belief is oft made that believers in Christ are simply not […]

Historicity Of John’s Gospel

Here’s a great summary of 59 confirmed or historically probable “facts” from the gospel of John. These facts are taken from a book written by New Testament scholar Craig Blomberg, who I believe is teaching @ Denver Seminary. Hope some find this helpful, encouraging, and/or eye-opening!

G.K. Chesterton Quotes

I found a great web page filled with Chesterton quotes. For those who haven’t read any Chesterton, well….have a gander!