Some Stuff Concerning Abortion

Living Waters has released a new short movie (33 minutes) that tackles the issue of abortion. A large portion of the movie is dedicated to interviews between Ray Comfort and persons on the street, and a few of them change their minds about abortion right on the spot. I would recommend this short movie to all – it will make you think about the issue at the very least!

Click here to view it for free.

On the topic of abortion, I’d also suggest listening to this lecture given by Christian Philosopher Peter Kreeft. A very well done presentation of the issue from a philosophical and logical stand-point. Note well his quadrilemma (stated below).

Basically stated, there are four options available to those considering the issue of abortion.

Either the fetus is a person, or not; and either we know what it is, or not. Thus there are four and only four possibilities:

  1. that it is not a person and we know that,
  2. that it is a person and we know that,
  3. that it is a person but we do not know that, and
  4. that it is not a person and we do not know that.” (Quoted from here)
He goes on to take each possibility and apply to to an abortion:

(1) Would be fine. If we know it isn’t a human then we’ve done nothing wrong.

(2) Would clearly be murder.

(3) Would be manslaughter. Why? Because if you don’t know – don’t shoot. If you are hunting and you see a bush moving – but don’t know what it is – but shoot anyways and kill a human (your hunting partner), that’s manslaughter. If you don’t know whether it’s a human in the fetus and you shoot, and it turns out it is a human, that would be manslaughter.

(4) On the heels of (3) this one would be criminal negligence. It’s like fumigating a building without checking and not knowing whether anyone is left inside. You still don’t kill anyone but you’ve still acted negligently and immorally.

I found this tool he uses very straightforward and reasonable. The only way that abortion is legit is if you know it’s a person. But most who are “pro-choice” wouldn’t even claim that they know – they would claim that they do not know either way.

I’d suggest checking out the talk by Peter Kreeft – regardless of your position!



  1. Whoah, that link was intense. I couldn’t even finish watching it. i’ve lost friends over that subject :S

  2. It’s a touchy subject, especially since many have been personally involved in it. Especially when someone is even trying to discuss the ethics involved in this issue, people may feel “judged” by the mere act of discussing it.

    What are your own thoughts on the subject?

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