Monthly Archives: October 2011

Critique: ‘Love Wins’ By Rob Bell

Rob Bell, who is considered one of the more popular Christian pastors in the mainstream / popular evangelical world, has written a book which has caused quite a commotion. Why? His book is called ‘Love Wins’, and is basically about what hell is like, who goes there, and for how long they will be there. […]

Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 7 – Morality

Morality The third question which will be assessed in this series about adjudicating world-views is that of morality. This may be a bit confusing for those who have not approached this issue much, so I’d suggest skimming over the bulk of the comments if they seem confusing and focus on the summary which is contained […]

Some Stuff Concerning Abortion

Living Waters has released a new short movie (33 minutes) that tackles the issue of abortion. A large portion of the movie is dedicated to interviews between Ray Comfort and persons on the street, and a few of them change their minds about abortion right on the spot. I would recommend this short movie to […]