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Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 5 – Examining The Origin Of The Universe

Last time I presented two key concepts: science shows us that all space, time, matter, and energy are finite in time – there is a beginning to the universe (or multi-verse, quantum vacuum, etc.). As well, we saw that infinity refers to a limit (one that cannot be actualized or reached), not an actual value which […]

Insights From Madonna

A few months ago I was doing some shopping (groceries if you must know), and you know how grocery stores always have the worst music playing in the “not-so-much” background? Well, this particular time Madonna’s song “Don’t Tell Me” was on the broadcast (at least I think that’s the name of the song). But, as […]

Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 4 – Beginning The Question Of Origin

One of the fundamental issues which faces everyone, and is one of the fundamental topics in the field of philosophy (namely in metaphysics – the study of ultimate reality) is the question of ultimate origins. The term “prime reality” is used to describe “the thing from which everything else comes.” In another words, is the […]