Monthly Archives: May 2011

Side Note: Check Out My Newest Recording!

I recently finished recording and producing a new song, which can be downloaded and listened to here: The song is the first which I’ve recorded with my recently acquired MIDI controller, so I’m now able to play all of the instruments (namely soft synths). Originally I recorded the song as a basic test of the MIDI […]

Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 3 – Which World-views Are We Talking About?

In the first part of this series I talked about what we are going to be doing, and briefly about why one would want to undergo such an investigation. We saw that every world-view answers the major questions of Origin, Meaning/Purpose, Morality, and Destiny. The second part dealt with describing how we test each answer […]

Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 2 – Tests For Truth

*Note: If you don’t fully understand the written sections then just scroll to the bottom for a diagram of the written content! RECAP I’d like to recap the first post in this series before moving on to this second post.  Remember that we basically took a look at four things: What is a world-view? We […]

Adjudicating Between World-views: Part 1 – What? Why?

Today I want to start a series which deals with comparing different world-views and discussing how to conclude which one(s) are true, or most probable to be true. In this primary post I want to first explain why such a venture would be important to someone and discuss what a world-view actually is – along […]

Imported Pineapples Point To An Ultimate Standard Or Referent For Human Worth

A few years ago I took a trip to Thailand and taught high school students English (whether I should teach English or not is another issue). Those who know me will recollect that this is where I first met who I would now classify as my wife. But something else that had a significant impact […]