Billboards established by the American Atheists are telling us that the Christmas story found in the New Testament is a myth! Are they right? Is the Christmas story irrational? Do we have to discount the New Testament’s account of the nativity in order to “celebrate reason?” And perhaps the biggest claim – that it’s a […]

This is part two of a series that seeks to integrate the Christian world-view and Economics. Money is an integral part of Western society and – really – you can’t live without it. I don’t think I need to iterate, except for this one time, that money is immensely important. Especially for Christians: Jesus talked […]

Economics? Isn’t that something that only businessmen and investors should be concerned about? My answer is no. A while ago I wrote a series that discussed the importance of, the integration of, and the practical tools that philosophy can offer Christians in particular. One of the things I feel Christians today have lost (and need […]

I’ve been absent from the blog-o-sphere due to schooling and such. So I apologize to those who wish I were more active. In any case, here’s a great video my friend made that discusses the origin of the universe and why one ought to think that the universe was created not unintended. Check it out!

I’ve had quite a bit more readers in the past few weeks, so I thought that I’d offer some of the highlights from my blog so the wheat is separated from the chaff (not that I consider any of my blog as chaff . . .). The following are my favourite piece that I’ve written: […]

As per the last post, the following list is a compilation of various types of arguments either directly for God’s existence or that implicitly support theism, and arguments for the truth of historic Christianity (not solely Philosophical ones though): Cosmological Argument: Argues from the world back to God as the ultimate cause of the world. […]

I’d like to offer a very simple post here (something I can’t seem to do very often). The following list is philosophical issues that I think are very important for Christians in particular, although many of these issues should be important for anyone. These are issues that either directly affect our understanding of a core […]

I’m sure most of those who frequent the internet have come across something like the following: A picture or comment made which either explicitly or implicitly compares some sort of god (like Zeus, Thor, etc.) with the God of theism (and usually the God of Christianity in particular). Usually these are found in (supposedly) comical […]